Residential & Commercial Pest Treatments :

P FREE PEST CONTROL took shape in the year 1997, with the sole aim of providing best quality pest control services& facade cleaning at competitive rates, though key people in our management are in pest control services& since 1997. As a result of providing guaranteed services without any compromise on quality with the co-operation of our well trained & experienced staff, we have been able to provide reliable services for past 19 years. With low overhead costs, we pass the savings to our valuable customers as a result of which our rates are 20 – 30% lower than our competitors. Our job is only complete when our customers are 100% satisfied. As far as our cooperate clients are concerned we are known by the companies we do.

We deliver effective, safe, low cost pest control services & facade cleaning, Carpet cleaning & Tank Cleaning with environmentally sensible use of only registered and approved products.. 

PfreeWe need to introduce ourselves as a group involved in facility services, since 1997. We have been catering to lot of corporate and our quality standards meet their satisfaction. Our aim is to provide a high quality, cost effective and personalized facility management industries, societies where good quality services are hard to find. pfree services adds value to businesses by offering unrivaled, after sales services, advice and support. We develop lasting relationships that ensure a good understanding of our client’s requirements, ensuring best of our services.